Momma Polly

Momma Polly

We are happy to report both Momma Polly and her kittens have all found loving homes. We are thankful to Polly’s foster Mom who not only took care of her, but also provided a safe place for her to raise her kittens until they found a home. Happy News!

Polly is such a sweet darling. She came into the Gwaii Animal Helpline ready to have some kittens of her own. She is believed to be about 3 years old. We will be holding onto her and the kittens until they are ready for adoption.

If you are interested in loving Polly and having her as a part of your home (after she finishes caring for her kittens of course), or to get on the list for a kitten, please fill out the cat matching application. We encourage you to read about the adoption process and fees so you know what to expect.

Thank you for your interest in Polly.

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