Max has found his forever home!

Please read the note below from Max’s current place and determine if this wonderful boy is a fit for your family.

Max is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered and in good health.

This is Max. He’s 5-6 years old and spent the first 5 or so years of his life with an older gentleman in Masset. When we got Max through the Gwaii Animal Helpline Society he was really high strung and I think feeling the loss of his familiar surroundings and peoples, but we could see a lot of potential in him. We’ve worked really hard to give him consistent training and a great active lifestyle. Max is now great on leash. (No longer pulls), great with other people, dogs, chickens, horses etc. He’s also sleeping on his own bed now and no longer goes on the rest of the furniture and beds in the house. (Other than snuggles with me periodically in my recliner.)

Max likes a couple regular walks a day with lots of nap time in between. (You will never be as tired as this dog is after doing absolutely nothing all day). Max likes the outdoors but has yet to love the outdoors. Max gets very cold in the rainy and winter months and although he has proven to be able to walk long distances (20kms +) and tolerate our adventures he becomes very uncomfortable and even miserable after he passes a certain point. Which is one of the reasons we are looking for a new home for him.

Max has also made great leaps and bounds on his food issues. When we first got him we lost a few high ticket items off of our counters. The worst being a tenderloin that I had marinating.

We are happy to report he hasn’t done this in over 4 months and we can now have stuff fall on the floor without him racing over to scarf it down. Max now responds to a command giving him permission going to his food dish and getting permission to do “clean-up” under the kitchen table.

Max only really has one thing to overcome and that is feeling anxious around kids. He has growled a couple times but it has only ever been when he was laying on his bed and a high energy child has breached his personal space. Max has never bit anyone and I highly doubt ever will, but we constantly have younger kids in our lives and I think it’s unfair to him or the kids to be put in that situation. Now this being said, Max loves to play with kids outside, playing fetch etc. The only time this has ever happened was when he was on his bed. We have him now so he is fine with our son approaching him in this area so it may be something he will grow out of.

And finally Max loves to swim, which is contrary to his aversion to the cold I know, but he loves to swim in fresh water. (he’s not huge on the ocean). And loves to retrieve sticks and such. He will even go so far to put his head under water to retrieve something he wants.

Could Max fit in at your place?

*Max also comes with 2 free training sessions with Laura, a multi-certified dog trainer and owner of Sea to Sky Canine Training, currently stationed in Squamish, who will be on Haida Gwaii for the month of May.

Max eagerly awaits your dog matching application!

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