Gwaii Animal Helpline Volunteer Development Project

The Gwaii Animal Helpline Volunteer Development Project

The Gwaii Animal Helpline Society has received a grant from the Government of Canada Community Services Recovery Fund to hire a project manager to develop and implement volunteer recruitment, retention, and planning strategies for our evolving charity. The project manager will modernize on-line engagement and develop communication products to build on existing resources as well as co-ordinate delivery of training and workshops considering mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

About Us:

Animal wellness volunteers from across Haida Gwaii joined together to become Gwaii Animal Helpline (GAH) 5 years ago. On March 20, 2021, GAH incorporated as Gwaii Animal Helpline Society (GAHS), a community based, community driven non-profit animal wellbeing organization with a board and volunteers living in and representing all island communities. In April 2023, GAHS gained charity status. GAHS is volunteer run, out of volunteers’ homes. Whenever we can, we prefer to provide support to current guardians who are struggling to care for their companion animal(s), to improve the life of both guardian and companion animal. Support could come in the form of guidance, information sharing, referrals, and/or special financial assistance programs. If none of these options are viable, we help find new homes for companion animals.

Contract details:

GAHS will administer this project as a six-month fixed contract. The start date is October 15, 2023. The contractor must complete the project before June 30, 2024. Work hours are flexible, and work can be done from any community.

Location: Haida Gwaii

Wage: Based on 35 hours a week at $35.00 an hour for 6 months = $29,400.

Benefits: + 20% = $35,280

The budget allocates additional funds for external contractors, training, and training events.

Required Qualifications:

  • Strong project management skills, exceptional time management, facilitation, and organizational skills.
  • Management experience and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of recruitment strategies
  • Knowledge of retention strategies
  • Demonstrated ability to meet deadlines.
  • Must have a personal computer and reliable internet service.
  • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to identify target audiences’ preferences and align content accordingly.
  • Ability to analyze data with an eye for improving efficiency.
  • Ability to understand and build on existing procedures to improve prescribed outcomes.
  • Experience in using social media platforms and Google applications.

Contact/application information:

For position Terms of Reference:

Email application to: Note in subject heading the project title.

Required information to include in application: Cover letter; resume specific to skills, qualifications and personal attributes required for the job; references available on request.

GAHS will contact qualifying applications for an interview the week of Oct 10, 2023.

Deadline for applications: Oct 10, 2023