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Although not required, pre-anesthetic blood work is available for pets under 7 years old, for $70.00. Payment must be made at the time your pet comes in to be spayed or neutered.

If your pet is over 7 years old, Gwaii Animal Helpline Society covers the cost for the pre-anesthetic blood work.

If your pet is under 7 years old, pre-anesthetic blood work is $70 plus gst (over 7 years old no charge for pre-anesthetic blood work)

For your information: Performing this blood work before the operation reduces the risk but may not prevent complications. It does help the medical team to: minimize the risk of anesthesia by determining the safest medications to use for your pet, identify any underlying diseases not found by the history or physical examination, establish healthy baseline values, make the decision that procedures be postponed and to perform additional diagnostic testing or treatments if indicated.