Fancy (now LeeLoo)

Fancy (now LeeLoo)

A little update for our community – We received an update from Fancy’s forever home, she is now known as LeeLoo and is thriving. Check out this photo of her glee.

Miracles do happen and beauty is only skin deep. This loving wonderful cat has found her person on Haida Gwaii. We are so pleased and thankful to both Fancy’s foster and her adopter.

Through all her trials, this older female, Fancy, has held on to her sweet personality. As a white cat susceptible to damage from the sun, she’s lost the tips of her ears. She had an eye infection that has been successfully treated with antibiotics and steroids. Unfortunately, she will never regain her sight in that eye.

Although Fancy was super-hungry when she arrived as a stray, she still had a hard time deciding which she wanted most, food or human affection. All the staff at the Haida Gwaii Animal Hospital fell in love with her. Fancy returns the love 10 fold.

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