We are completely dependent on volunteers to operate the Society, so are always looking for people to contribute their time and skills to help. Types of volunteer activities include:


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Transport Animals

Providing transportation of animals in-need. e.g. to/from the Animal Hospital or the Masset Airport for off-islands transfer.

Transport Owners

Providing transportation for people and their animals to and from veterinary appointments.

Supply Delivery

Pick-up and delivery of food, medication, or other supplies.

Feral Cat Support

Working with under-socialized and feral cats or kittens.

Board Member

Participating on the Board of Directors.


Participate or spearhead fundraising initiatives.


Providing administrative support to the society.

Grant Writing

Assist with grant applications and be on the look out for funding opportunities.

Apply to be a Volunteer

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Being a non-profit society that often needs to fundraise, we try to keep our community informed about our activities. That includes positive articles like happy news, successful grant applications and thank you's to those who help make what we do possible. In acknowledging the businesses, foundations and individuals for their contributions and volunteerism, would you permit your name to be published?" Yes or prefer not to.
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